Our Services

Computer Services

Our computer services department deals only in the sales of computer equipment. These include all portable computers (laptops, netbooks or tablets), desktop computers (office or daily use), high performance computers (gaming rigs or design type computers) and servers (file, e-mail, backup, web). We also sell all kinds of printing devices, scanners, software, networking hardware and peripherals. Basically we sell all computer related hardware and software. We also offer our clients warranty repair services, which means we can courier hardware not bought from us, on behalf of our clients to other professional repair centres in South Africa, making it easier and sometimes faster to get their products repaired. We are focussed on the supply and support of all computer hardware and software solutions for small, medium and larger companies.

Labour Services

Our labour department provides inhouse and onsite labour involving computer hardware and software. We also do onsite network installations, which includes the installation of new cables, setup of servers, sharing of folders, printers, etc. Inhouse we built new computers, repair damaged machines, upgrade old machines, remove virus (and other) infections. Backup of client data prior to re-installation of operating systems can also be arranged if needed. We also upgrade older operating systems to a newer version, which involves the backup and restore of data.

Call out charges start from R 350.00 per hour spend on site. We normally try to fix a problem within an hour, but sometimes this is impossible, we will then tell the customer that we suggest they let us continue with this at the workshop which will be cheaper. In house labour is calculated at R 300.00 per hour. For example, if we need to clean a computer infected with virusses it would definitly be cheaper for the client to let us do this in house because we can start the different types of scans (yes, there are different types because unfortuanatly there is just not any one program capable of removing all types of infections from computers, we have to use different types of programs) and continue with something else, whereas if we do this on site, will charge for the entire time we spend on site.

Types of infections may include: virusses, malware, spyware, hostageware, rootkits, autorun infections, etc. Each of these types of infections might be removed with just one anti-virus program, but normally this is not the case. A heavily infected computer normally takes between 2-3 hours to clean of all infections, but we do get computers that is so infected that we need to reload the operating system. We do this maybe 4-5 times a month where we try to backup all client files and e-mails, then we reload the same operating system and all the programs we have that was installed on the computer. Unfortuantly, we do not have all the software everybody uses, but we do install those we do have.

A few points to mention regarding our labour and computer services:

  • We do not gaurantee complete data backup, meaning we may miss some client data (client data is all data that is not part of the operating system or any installed program). For example, if the client saved data in another folder not normally used for saving data (we had clients who saved certain data in their Recycle Bin, and we don't backup this location), the chances are good that we might miss this data to be included in the backup process. If you have important data, please make sure to mention this before we format. If you do not inform us of this and you require data after we reloaded everything, this will require us to do data recovery which will incur extra charges.

  • If the computer or portable device has some hardware we can not repair (like the motherboard or lcd panel), we will have to replace these. Computers are easily fixed by just replacing the damaged hardware, but with portables we have to send these to specialists who will replace the damaged parts after the client has agreed to the price (we do not set the price for this). The only price we do charge is the courier fee seeing we are using a courier company.

  • Almost all hardware we supply comes with their own type of warranty from the respected manufacturers. If an item you purchased from us do brake down, we can send it back to the supplier we purchased it from. They will then continue with their own fault finding service to see if the item needs to be replaced or repaired. If the item was damaged by the user or by a natural cause (lightning, fire, water for example), they will NOT replace the item. NO WARRANTY FROM ANY SUPPLIER COVERS DAMAGE BY THE USER OR NATURE. Please make sure you have insurance for these. All media and consumables do not carry any warranty. Any item that can be repaired will not be swapped out, these will include monitors, PSUs, cases, speakers, scanners, UPS's, optical and stiffy drives.

  • If any computers or portables needs to be send via courier to any supplier to be repaired under warranty, the client needs to make sure they ask us to do a backup of data (which will incur labour rates to apply) because our suppliers can not be held responsible for any data loss or damage when repairing the product.

  • Some of our suppliers charge for rejection of quotation for repairs done by them, this is out of our hands and are set by them.

  • Repairs done by us or the suppliers needs to settled by the client before the product will be returned to the client. Repairs that is not paid within 30 days, may be sold to make up for any losses suffered during the repair. We will contact the client if the supplier is going to enforce this rule, but sometimes we can not get a hold of the client and we will settle their account for them, for which the client will have to pay the amount due to us instead.

  • All repair time given by us or a supplier's technical department is only an estimate and we will not be bound by it.

  • All items we need to send back to the supplier will incur a courier fee. The warranty is not supplied by us or the suppliers, but by the manufacturers. If an item under warranty was faulty from the start, they might just replace it with another or they may send it back to the manufacturer. This will take longer to do seeing most of the hardware bought in South Africa, comes from oversees. If the supplier's technical department can repair a problem not covered by the warranty, they might charge for this, meaning the client will pay for the courier and for the repair. All repairs done by the supplier will only be done by their technical department after the client has agreed to their price, if their is one.

  • Unfortuantly we only supply a 7 day labour warranty. This means the client has 7 days to make sure all their requirements was met by us. In this time, if the client realises we forgot, for example to install a program, they can return the computer and we will gladly rectify the problem. After the 7 day period the client will be charged for any addtional work done at the normal labour charge.

  • If any software that was installed by us is damaged by the client, the 7 day warranty will not be applicable and the client will be charged for the labour to repair the software. Any software the client buys from us, will also not be replaced or the money refunded. Unfortuanatly our suppliers do not accept the return of any used software(programs or games). The only time they do replace software is when their is something wrong with the physical disc (this excludes scratches). Please make sure (ask us) before purchasing any software, not all software is compatible with all types of hardware or running alongside other software, some are just incompatible with each other.

  • If any product purchased by the client is broken when we receive it, we will send it back to the supplier for replacement, but this will extend the period the client has to wait for the purchased product. We will inform the client of this but this is unfortuantly out of our hands.

  • All second-hand items are sold as is. An item may be tested by our technical department before the items leaves the premises. Testing will only be done on request. Once the item leaves the premises it becomes the sole responsibility of the buyer and cannot be returned for replacement, service or repair and no claim can be lodged to Emfuleni Computers for any reason what so ever.