Products and Brands we sell

Product Brands

Below is a list of the brands we can sell to our clients. We have contact with about 45 major suppliers from the Gauteng area, they inturn supply most of the other computer companies in South Africa.


Computer Suppliers

Below is the list of all the suppliers we have contact with. Most of them supply the same type of computer related hardware and software, but not all of them sell these products at the same prices, so we have a lot of options to go for. And sometimes a supplier might be out of stock while another supplier might have the product in stock.

Annex First Distribution Parrot
Asbis Frontosa Part Serv
ATS Illuder Pinnacle
Axiz Image Incredible Platinum Micro
Britworld Imported Copier Supplies Rectron
Cable Applications Impression Royce
Channel Ware ADE Sahara
Comstar Kemtek Taltronics
Core KMP Tarsus
Corex Miro The Networking Warehouse
Deep Blue Mobile NDT TSE
Drive Control Corporation Omega WCS
Duxbury Esquire XGR World